The emphasis in Justine's work lies in the definition and detail of her images, her control of light and the strength of the conceptual imagery contained in her photography. Her images are timeless. This distinctive and individual style has led to commissions from style leaders in London & Paris where she was based before moving to Berlin.

Her work has been exhibited and published in various book and articles for both her work with Helen Storey´s project of Science and Art "Primitive Streak" and for various works with Stephen Jones Millinery. 

More recently Justine has re-worked some of both published and previously unpublished images in collage form. Inspired by Dadaism, Constructivism and London Punk the artist dissects and re-arranges core elements, with a view to telling a different visual story. Working with her own images from her archive and more recent photographic shoots, mixing the old with the new, has opened up a new dimension to her work where boundaries are constantly pushed. The aim of the collage work, as in the the photographic work, is to keep images strong, simple and timeless, pertaining to her working philosophy too, that less is more.
The collages are all hand-cut, paper, scissors and glue, with no digital elements.




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